My Favorite Brands to Sell on Poshmark

      There are tons of excellent brands to sell on Poshmark, and to be honest, some will really surprise you. I tend to stay away from the luxury products game because you have to put in a whole     lot more money for inventory, and you risk losing more. I like the good quality, decent turnaround brands, even some basic mall brands. My favorite place to source is the Goodwill Outlet – aka the bins. It’s cheap, and it’s fun! Okay. Fun is subjective. I think it’s fun, but, if you don’t like digging and occasionally seeing people being ridiculously rude at new bins, you might not love it. It’s definitely the most cost effective though. If you’re just starting, I would really say you should try the bins because mistakes are MUCH less of a mistake when you pay next to nothing for your items.


  1. BKE – Lots of brands sold at Buckle do fairly well on Poshmark, and these jeans are usually at least a $30 turnaround.
  2. Big Star – These sell for around the same price point as the BKE jeans above.
  3. Miss Me – These always go for a good bit, more when the back pockets are overly decorated.
  4. American Eagle – These jeans move, not for a ton, but you’re looking at $18 to $25 for a pair, and that’s a decent turnaround if you’re sourcing at the bins.


  1. Clarks – I love selling these shoes, especially when I find them pretty often in good condition at the Goodwill Outlet aka “the bins.” These sell pretty consistently for between $25 to $35.
  2. Olukai – These are a great brand and endure really well over time. They sell consistently for $25 to $45 (even kids!)
  3. Hoka – Hoka sneakers really hold their value, and these sell regularly for $40-$80 depending on condition and color way. I LOVE finding these at the bins.
  4. UGG – boots and flip flops – Uggs do fairly well all around and usually for a decent amount as long as you can get them for the right price.
  5. Crocs – but mostly at bins prices. Crocs almost ALWAYS sell, but depending on style, not for a ton of money. I wouldn’t pay up for many of them unless you’ve done your research and know what you’re looking at.
  6. Teva – I don’t have a ton of experience with these, but I have sold one pair sourced at the bins. …moved in a week or two and for upward of $30. They were men’s hiking/kayaking closed toe sandal style. I’ve heard that these can be great, and they moved well for me.
  7. Minnetonka – The calf/knee height boots with the fringe on them go quickly and for at least $30 in good condition. I’ve picked these up at the bins twice, and they go within a week or two. Both were great transactions. I do have a pair of unlisted flip flops of the same brand, but I can’t comment on if they’ll move or not as they aren’t listed yet.
  8. Sperry – but ONLY the funky ones – Sperry boat shoes move really well if you find the ones with the glittery effects and sequins. Funky colors like pinks and teals tend to move in these types of shoes, at least in our store.
  9. Nocona – cowboy boots. I’ve found these once. They were vintage, and the bottoms were definitely somewhat worn, and I turned them around from $8.99 to $50. It was a welcome flip.


  1. Calvin Klein – These career type dresses have a very big following. If you find these on super clearance at a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx type store, these are totally worth picking up (if they’re cheap enough.) If new with tags, we have turned these dresses around repeatedly for $25 to $40. Even in excellent condition, they are worthy of a pick up and quick search.
  2. Strasburg – These kids dresses have a HUGE following as well. Vintage to new, Strasburg dresses are definitely worth picking up at thrift prices. They generally have hand embroidery and smocking that makes the Southern Mamas swoon.


  1. Patagonia – The Better Sweater line and fleeces from Patagonia as well as cold weather pants and clothing do very well. They generally go for some pretty decent money too.
  2. The North Face – This brand has always been pretty great, but their fleeces do particularly well. However, they used to be worth quite a bit more than they are now, so just keep that in mind. You’ll sell North Face, but you won’t sell it for huge money.


  1. Talbot’s – I know this is a fairly saturated brand, and it doesn’t go for all that much. But, when you source from the bins, totally worth it. Talbot’s moves depending on style and season.
  2. LOFT – Some people pass on LOFT because it’s saturated. But, for our business model, LOFT has always moved, and I’ve never had any issues with the transactions or the people who like LOFT. I’ve sold their shorts, tops, pants and skirts. All have done great for us.
  3. Lilly Pulitzer – Basically anything from this brand is worth it. The more loud and bright prints are generally worth a little bit more. Pick up if the thrift price is not overly elevated. Bigger sizes are always  better.


This is, in no way, an exhaustive list of great brands to sell. It’s somewhere to start though, especially if you’re just beginning. Pay attention to styles, colors and seasons. I prefer to list different seasons and holidays year round, but there is something to be said for listing Christmas stuff in November and other holidays like that. In season, items generally command a slightly higher price, but they can still sell year round.

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What are your favorite brands for reselling? Let me know in the comments.