8 Baby Products You Actually Need!

 There are lots of insane lists all over the internet about baby products you just MUST have, but, in reality, having a baby can be much more affordable than some of the obsessive Mommy bloggers would have you believe. I too made the mistake of putting tons of crap on my registry that I didn’t actually need, but, if you’re doing this whole thing on a budget, you’re going to want to pare it down some.

1. NoseFrida – Seems gross but works better than anything else I’ve ever used when your little monster is having a hard time breathing due to congestion.

 2. Resinol – THE BEST FREAKING DIAPER RASH OINTMENT YOU’LL EVER USE!! Literal lifesaver! You can sometimes find this at pharmacies, but generally, you have to order it either into a pharmacy or on Amazon.

 3. Shopping Cart Cover – Seriously… Get one and use it. I’m 99.9% positive that my kid got Hand Foot Mouth from a shopping cart at Walmart. Nightmare!!! (And on a kind of related note, the teething gel listed below in #5 also REALLY helped with the pain from the Hand Foot Mouth.)

4. Boppy Nursing Pillow – This was a lifesaver for breastfeeding… much easier to hold baby up to the right level without causing back pain and general discomfort.

5. Nuby teething gel WITH the clove oil!! – If clove oil (or eugenol) isn’t on the ingredient list, it ain’t shit!! (Disclaimer: test this stuff before going ham just to make sure you’re little rotten doesn’t have a sensitivity to it.)

6. Graco Xtend2Fit – Loooove this carseat!! It’s not one of the insanely expensive ones, but it’s a great, safe brand. It’s also good from birth until your kid needs a booster seat.

7. something for that kid to sleep in…. – Sorry no specifics here other than it should probably be a crib or some type of flat well aerated cradle for it to be as safe as possible.

8. Cloth diapers — I DID NOT use these!! I was unprepared for all of my 3 children, and I’m not sorry. I have ADHD, and I don’t regret them a bit. However, if you’re better prepared than I was and have the stomach for it, cloth diapers are the most cost effective way to cover your little’s butt. They are more expensive up front, but they’re a one and done type of expenditure if you get the resizeable ones. Pro tip:: Save even more. – Buy these second hand – You can find them on Facebook Marketplace pretty much everywhere locally for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Now, this is, in no way, an exhaustive list of baby products. However, the people who claim you need $1200 strollers, expensive baby food makers and tiny $45 baby Nikes (Come on! That kid can’t even walk yet!) are just WRONG! That’s right. I said it. …not agree to disagree just wrong. If you don’t have the money for all the nutso extras, don’t go into insane debt to get those things. Your kid will need a massive supply of diapers, wipes and clothes that he or she grows out of every 2 months. You will NEED your money for those things!!!

Having a baby if not for the faint of heart (or wallet,) but you can make this happen cost effectively if you try.