13 True Crime Podcasts to Keep You Up at Night

true crime podcasts

The advent of the podcast has really changed my life and ability to learn when I’m doing seemingly mindless tasks. And, of course, true crime is by far one of my favorite genres. Here are 13 of my favorite true crime podcasts that are guaranteed to keep you up all night and make you watch your back out in public.


1. My Favorite Murder – hosted by Georgia Hardstark & Karen Kilgariff – one of the more lighthearted on this list – These chicks are hilarious and only slightly irreverent. If you can’t handle bad language though, maybe best to skip it as it is an F-bomb minefield. They also get just a little political on occasion.

2. Casefile – hosted by an Aussie and, if the accent isn’t reason enough, the show is really well researched and told in an entertaining fashion. This guy has kept me entertained for many hours, and most of the episodes are pretty in depth.

3. Crime Junkie – Hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit are super interesting and to the point, and the story telling is truly on point. This is one of my personal favorite podcasts of all time. These chicks hold my interest and just seem to put a unique spin on some of these stories.

4. Criminal – Hosted by Phoebe Judge, these bite size episodes are really informative and interesting. I’ve learned quite a few things I’d never even heard of before on this podcast. I’m not anywhere near done with all the episodes, but you will definitely find something to capture your attention here.

5. The Last Podcast on the Left – These dudes are hilarious but also super triggering. If you are even remotely easily offended, probably best to steer clear of this one.

6. Serial – Season 1 – the reigning King of podcasts – Serial is what got most people started, and I am no different. Season 1 will suck you in, and you’ll binge these episodes. I sure did.

7. Small Town Murder – These are mostly little heard of small town cases. I’ve heard many cases here that I’ve never heard of anywhere else, and on top of that, these dudes are also hilarious.

8. Sword and Scale – This podcast will suck you in, but it is definitely not for those with a weaker constitution. The graphic details are very openly related in these episodes. If you’re so inclined though, you’ll hear things here that you wouldn’t normally hear anywhere else.

9. The Trail Went Cold – From missing persons to murder cases, all of these are unsolved. There are definitely no happy endings, but your mind will be captivated by the stories of these cold cases.

10. True Crime Garage – I love how well researched this podcast is, and episodes generally come in multiple parts and are very in depth including most possibilities and random theories. On another note, if you’re a beer aficionado, you’ll enjoy this. The guys crack open a cold one at the beginning of each episode and rate the different craft beers they’re drinking. You could definitely come up with a pretty varied beer bucket list as a fun side perk of listening to this podcast.

11. Morbid – These girls do great research, but this is also one of the more graphic podcasts on this list. You should have a strong stomach for some of these episodes. I, personally, completely skipped the torture episode because I just can’t stomach it.

12. Cold – This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and I was absolutely hooked. I binged for days, and the crazy part is I had never actually heard this story. This podcast tells the full story of the Susan Powell case, at least as far as anyone who is still alive knows. I was in for a shock since I didn’t know how it ended.

13. Bear Brook – This is the story of unidentified bodies found in the woods of New Hampshire, and it’s probably one of the creepier podcasts that I’ve listened to. I turn this podcast off late at night when everyone else is asleep because I don’t want to get too freaked out.

Am I missing any? ..probably


What are your favorite true crime podcasts?


Mary Crocker & Elwyn Crocker Jr.

One of my favorite true crime podcasts is My Favorite Murder, and they do this thing called “home town murder.” Fans send in murders from their own hometowns every week, and Karen and Georgia read them during their podcast.

So, this really got me thinking about my hometown and several very interesting murders that either I or a family member has had direct knowledge of or contact with those involved.

I grew up in Savannah, Georgia. ……and yes, now you’re thinking of the infamous Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Murder. I’m not gonna be covering that one anytime soon, but the book is worth the read.

But… this first murder didn’t actually happen in Savannah but a city a little outside of it called Guyton. It is in Effingham County where my husband’s family lives, and one of my very good friends had actually worked with the father for a very short while.

the home at Rosebud Place in Guyton where the children were found buried in the backyard (source: WSAV/CNN)


Mary & Elwyn Jr.

In December of 2018, someone called in a welfare check for a 14 year old girl named Mary Crocker. She hadn’t been seen since October of that year. Police went to the home and found that her body had been buried at the wood line of the property. Like a horror movie though, that wasn’t the only body. The body of her brother Elwyn Jr. was also found buried there. He had been missing since November of 2016 but was never reported as such. He had also been 14 at the time of his death.

The story of what these children were put through by their father, stepmother, step grandmother and her boyfriend makes my blood run cold. All four have been arrested, and I believe that, as of now, Georgia is seeking the death penalty.

source: WJCL

These two children were kept naked in dog kennels, tased, beaten, and starved. Mary had looked emaciated and malnourished in photos. All participants have been charged with murder, concealment of the death of another and cruelty to children.

The father has since admitted to quite a bit of the abuse on video. I’m not gonna share it here, but it’s pretty easy to find. Oh and just FYI – he was a freaking Walmart Santa!! People let their children sit on his lap! 🤮 My kids will not be chillin with Santa’s anymore. 😞

These motherfuckers withdrew their kids from public school to homeschool them for the express purpose of abusing them. It was easily concealed because teachers weren’t seeing them everyday.

How in the actual fuck do you kill your children and then go… “ Oop. Better go get the shovel and bury them” in your backyard like a fucking dog?!

And the real icing on the cake here is that Department of Family & Children’s Services had been notified of abuse but said that since the incident was a “past abuse” that they couldn’t investigate it now. Ummm. What?! Abusers don’t just stop abusing!! Y’all are too busy over there in effingham drug testing every mom you can find who might smoke pot, so you can take kids away where there is no abuse.

But wait…. you’re so right. Smoking pot is a much more dangerous offense than keeping your kids tied in dog kennels and starving them to death.

Sorry in advance y’all, but these local ones where I actually know what happened. …. they’re probably gonna be ranty as fuck.

I’ll keep you updated if they decide to put these motherfuckers down at trial.

Until later! 😘


Late Night Research Session

It’s 11:23 pm. My husband and 2 year old are asleep next to me, and I’m up researching a God-awful local case to start y’all off on some crazy shit.

And all I can think is: wtf am I thinking?! There are like a billion true crime blogs and podcasts and tv shows and all kind of stuff. What the hell am I gonna do that is gonna add to it?! 🤷‍♀️

I don’t know, but I guess we’re about to find out because I’m not gonna let my impostor syndrome stop me from going for it.

So y’all get ready. First article should be up by end of week, and It. Is. A. Doozy.

It may very well turn some of you off of this blog indefinitely, but this happened right down the road from me in the not so distant past. So I’m definitely gonna run with it.

Catch y’all soon. 😘

A Not-So-New Obsession

Creepy true crime

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been enthralled with things you’re not really supposed to talk about… the super natural, occult, religion, and mystery. I can remember watching true crime documentaries and the ID channel with my Granny and Mom as a teenager. So it’s always been a little bit of an interest of mine. I’m kind of a weirdo though; my interests are varied.

I’ve been on a true crime podcast binge for a few months now, and yesterday, a case flipped a switch in my mind. I decided to include true crime and creepy stories in this blog. It’s something that interests me, and I’m kind of a research nerd anyways.

So, I hope y’all are ready. lol

The research begins tonight!

On the Road Again…

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So here we go again people. We’re gonna’ go deep. I’m not gonna delete this one again. It’s gonna stick around this time. lol (hopefully)


Please don’t give up on me yet!


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I’ve got some stuff cookin’, so see ya soon!