Late Night Research Session

It’s 11:23 pm. My husband and 2 year old are asleep next to me, and I’m up researching a God-awful local case to start y’all off on some crazy shit.

And all I can think is: wtf am I thinking?! There are like a billion true crime blogs and podcasts and tv shows and all kind of stuff. What the hell am I gonna do that is gonna add to it?! 🤷‍♀️

I don’t know, but I guess we’re about to find out because I’m not gonna let my impostor syndrome stop me from going for it.

So y’all get ready. First article should be up by end of week, and It. Is. A. Doozy.

It may very well turn some of you off of this blog indefinitely, but this happened right down the road from me in the not so distant past. So I’m definitely gonna run with it.

Catch y’all soon. 😘

A Not-So-New Obsession

Creepy true crime

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been enthralled with things you’re not really supposed to talk about… the super natural, occult, religion, and mystery. I can remember watching true crime documentaries and the ID channel with my Granny and Mom as a teenager. So it’s always been a little bit of an interest of mine. I’m kind of a weirdo though; my interests are varied.

I’ve been on a true crime podcast binge for a few months now, and yesterday, a case flipped a switch in my mind. I decided to include true crime and creepy stories in this blog. It’s something that interests me, and I’m kind of a research nerd anyways.

So, I hope y’all are ready. lol

The research begins tonight!

On the Road Again…

So….  I accidentally deleted my whole blog when I switched hosting services. …Whoops!


So here we go again people. We’re gonna’ go deep. I’m not gonna delete this one again. It’s gonna stick around this time. lol (hopefully)


Please don’t give up on me yet!


And.. props to Siteground. This platform is badass and totally user friendly!


I’ve got some stuff cookin’, so see ya soon!